Public, Private or Hybrid Clouds

guestaccess-aspxFor many business owners and management teams, the discussion of a “trend” towards cloud based applications and computing seems late. Most small businesses participate in some element of cloud services every month. When I owned a business, I accessed an Internet based application to update tax tables, accounting software, pay payroll taxes and much more. In fact, the use of cloud based applications and software monitoring was imperative to the successful operations of the business. However, some habits and concerns are difficult to overcome. (more…)

REFs make the Best Cloud Calls: Keeping the Game Fair

shutterstock_160221140If I could get rid of one recent piece of jargon, it would be “the cloud”. There is no such thing as “the cloud”. Not to make things too cloudy, but there are many clouds of varying reliability, effectiveness and features (REFs). These three elements, more than any others should drive the choice of Cloud Solution Providers (CSP) and selection of cloud applications and services. (more…)