Enterprise Mobility: Analysis and Threat Identification

7k0a0606The need for the enterprise mobility suite for Microsoft continues to grow every year. While many small business owners or SMBs do not believe that they are the target of hackers because most media reports concern large enterprises, it is important to note that 36% of SMBs are targeted every year by hackers. It’s not because the individual business are worth a lot but because there are many more of them and the security is a lot weaker than that of large enterprises. And while the cost to a small business for being hacked is relatively low at $9,000 per incident, the damage to the brand and customer loyalty is much greater. (more…)

6 Ways Cloud PBX (And Office 365) Can Increase Productivity

cloud_pbxOne of the biggest misconceptions is that businesses don’t think of Office 365 as a PBX cloud. Office 365 Skype for Business is providing cloud PBX solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Microsoft is using Skype for Business as a complete cloud PBX.  This allows businesses the ability to cut costs by replacing cumbersome legacy phone systems with a fully-functional cloud PBX phone system. (more…)

Why Make the Switch to Office 365 for Business ASAP?

office-365_imageMaking the jump to Office 365 for business is well-worth the long-term investment, minimally if you only use the Exchange Server and Microsoft Office Suite services. Microsoft Office cloud provides the ultimate flexibility and connectivity while cutting IT costs. Tweet this

Office 365 cloud adoption is gaining momentum and Microsoft is continuing to add new features. There are still many businesses who haven’t moved to the cloud, due to concerns about privacy, cost, or compatibility. (more…)