Office 365: 8 Selling Points To Steal


As I’ve discussed, some habits are difficult to overcome. Businesses like to own assets. There’s familiarity and comfort with buying software in a box, installing it, putting the box on a shelf and knowing it’s always there. But Office 365 can be an excellent entry point to cloud for a customers with the right legacy software mix, end user experience level and business strategy. (more…)

Why Make the Switch to Office 365 for Business ASAP?

office-365_imageMaking the jump to Office 365 for business is well-worth the long-term investment, minimally if you only use the Exchange Server and Microsoft Office Suite services. Microsoft Office cloud provides the ultimate flexibility and connectivity while cutting IT costs. Tweet this

Office 365 cloud adoption is gaining momentum and Microsoft is continuing to add new features. There are still many businesses who haven’t moved to the cloud, due to concerns about privacy, cost, or compatibility. (more…)

EMS – Identity Management and Access

blog_image_5While it is always news when a larger corporation or retailer is hacked, there are many more untold stories of SMBs suffering from unwanted intrusions. According to the National Small Business Association, 44% of small businesses in 2013 were attacked. More recently, Travelers noted that 60% of all hacking target attacks struck SMBs. Moreover, the cost of such attacks has been estimated at $8,700 each for small businesses. Therefore, it has become important for SMBs as well as enterprises to strengthen their ability to prevent unauthorized access. (more…)

The Next Chapter for Mobility – Enterprise Mobility Suite

shutterstock_113820514To begin, I am not a fan of the name “Enterprise Mobility Suite”. It seems to infer that it is both not required by SMBs (not true) and that it is only for enterprise size companies (also not true). According to Forrester Research, 29 percent of the global workforce or approximately 1 billion people are now “anytime, anywhere information workers” who use three or more devices. Specific to the US, IDC notes that in 2015 there were 96.2 million mobile workers. At 65% of employed workers this is a new high for employees requiring mobile features and support. However, IDC believes it will exceed 70% by 2020. (more…)