Quantifying the Quantifiable for Office 365


It is important for a business about to purchase Office 365 to know what material benefits the solution will deliver to the company. It is also important for the sales or agent to know how to position the solution in terms of Return on Investment (ROI). Too often each party is left with open ended value proposition statements that neither can quantify. However, each party, the seller and buyer accept these statements as fact. (more…)

The Newfound Fave Five Office 365 Features


It is very popular for various writers to research new applications and produced lists of new features or functions. My favorite are lists that inform us of features or functions on familiar products that we have never used or were unaware. From time to time I read an article on smartphones that introduces me to a feature that I actually find practical and of value. With regard to Office 365, there have been several articles that lists some of these unknown features and a couple have merited my attention. So, the ones that I want to discuss today are The Newfound Fave 5. (more…)

Office 365: 8 Selling Points To Steal


As I’ve discussed, some habits are difficult to overcome. Businesses like to own assets. There’s familiarity and comfort with buying software in a box, installing it, putting the box on a shelf and knowing it’s always there. But Office 365 can be an excellent entry point to cloud for a customers with the right legacy software mix, end user experience level and business strategy. (more…)