The Newfound Fave Five Office 365 Features


It is very popular for various writers to research new applications and produced lists of new features or functions. My favorite are lists that inform us of features or functions on familiar products that we have never used or were unaware. From time to time I read an article on smartphones that introduces me to a feature that I actually find practical and of value. With regard to Office 365, there have been several articles that lists some of these unknown features and a couple have merited my attention. So, the ones that I want to discuss today are The Newfound Fave 5. (more…)

6 Ways Cloud PBX (And Office 365) Can Increase Productivity

cloud_pbxOne of the biggest misconceptions is that businesses don’t think of Office 365 as a PBX cloud. Office 365 Skype for Business is providing cloud PBX solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Microsoft is using Skype for Business as a complete cloud PBX.  This allows businesses the ability to cut costs by replacing cumbersome legacy phone systems with a fully-functional cloud PBX phone system. (more…)